Frequently Asked Questions

PIP Vault: A set of documents relating to the sale of a house, held digitally and providing space for the seller, buyer, estate agent and conveyancer to share all the information required to facilitate a speedier and more transparent sale.

Do I have to pay to use PIP?
PIP allows estate agents to list all their properties for free and makes a small charge on the successful exchange of contracts.

What does a PIP Vault do?
A PIP Vault gives the estate agent a data room, allowing the seller to complete the online forms and the vendors’ conveyancer and estate agent to upload relevant title information. This information can be seen by potential buyers, through the property specific link on the estate agents’ details.

How does PIP benefit a seller?
PIP focuses the seller to post relevant information such as Title Deeds, guarantees, specific information etc. which can be seen by potential buyers. This encourages quality offers, from well-informed buyers who have all the details they require. This transparent approach helps the seller avoid timewasters, delays, offers being withdrawn and aids a quicker exchange of contracts.

How does PIP benefit a conveyancer?
The central data-room that PIP provides assists conveyancers by gathering all essential information up front. This in turn saves the conveyancer time by reducing their administrative input; avoiding delays caused by missing information and assists them in achieving a time-efficient exchange of contracts.

How does PIP benefit a buyer?
PIP allows interested buyers to view all the relevant property details they require, prior to making an offer. This encourages a more committed and well-informed buyer, avoids time wasting and provides a clear and transparent environment for the sale to progress towards completion.


How do I create an estate agent account?
From the home page click on the “Get Started” button and complete the registration form. Your details will be reviewed and processed. You can expect to be registered within 24 hours and receive a confirmation email, otherwise contact us an we will sort it for you.

How do I use PIP as a seller?
You will receive an invitation to register from the site when your estate agent opens your property related PIP. Once you have registered and set your password, you will receive a link to the online forms and the PIP itself. You can then complete the forms at your leisure and only when you are happy with the information, will the forms be published.

How do I use PIP as a buyer?
As a buyer, you follow the link on the estate agents details to the property specific PIP. Once you have registered on the site you can use the same login to access details of other properties.

How do I use the PIP as a conveyancer?
You will receive an invitation from the site when the agent adds your details. When you have registered, you can then access the PIP and upload documents to it. Once you’ve accessed the PIP for the first time, you will receive updates to your email when any changes are made, or new documents are added.

How do I log in?
Go to and use the log in button in the top right corner of the home screen. If you are a conveyancer with more than one property you will see all your properties displayed in a dashboard.

How can I contact PIP?
By email to or on 01952 983000

What if I have forgotten my username?
Your username is the email the original invitation was sent to.

What if I have forgotten my password?
You can re-set your password on the login page.

How do you manage my data?
Date will be securely managed in line with our privacy policy which can be found in our footer.


How do I open a PIP for my property?
Ask your estate agent to do this for you. If they are not registered with PIP, please ask them to contact us. Registration is free.

Can I add documents to PIP myself?
As the seller you can complete and publish the online forms, but other documents need to be uploaded by your agent or conveyancer.

How do I complete the online forms?
Click on the link in the email from the site and follow the directions on each form. You can pause at any stage and can also publish the form partially complete.

Do I need to have all the information available before I start the forms?
No, the forms automatically save the entries you have made; you can even publish partially completed forms.

What does it cost me to use PIP for my sale?
PIP makes a small charge to the estate agent; they may or may not pass this charge on to the seller.

What are the benefits to me in using PIP for my sale?
Sellers will attract well-informed buyers who have all relevant property information to hand and therefore able to make qualified offers, avoiding delays, outstanding questions and ensuring a quicker move towards exchange of contracts.


How do I know if a property I am looking at is registered with PIP?
A link to PIP should be in the estate agents’ details. If you can’t see it, please contact the estate agent and ask if there is a PIP for that property.

How do I know the information I am seeing is the latest version?
The site only displays the latest version. Once you have looked at a PIP, the site will notify you if the documents are changed or if more documents have been added.

Does it cost me to view the information online?

Who has posted the information in the PIP?
The information is posted by the seller, estate agent and conveyancer.

Who can see that I have read the PIP?
Only the estate agent for that property can see that you have accessed the PIP

Can I rely on the information in the PIP?
Legally no. The seller will sign the forms that make up the contract at the time the sale is agreed, so the information could change.

When do I know the property is mine?
There is a legal commitment to sell at the point of the exchange of contracts, the property changes hands on completion.

Can PIP give me advice?
No PIP just supplies the software for the information to be displayed.

Can I pay for the house through the PIP website?
No this is through the usual conveyancing channels.

Can I post information on to the PIP site myself?
No, not as a buyer.


How do I register a property that I am instructed on?
You should receive an invitation from the estate agent; please contact the selling agent if you do not.

What are the costs to use the PIP site?
As a conveyancer, nothing.

How do I know the information is the latest copy?
The site only displays the latest copies.

How do I know when a document has been added or of any changes?
You will receive an email notification from the PIP website confirming if there have been any updates, changes or new documents added.


What happens if my login does not work?
Check the email you are using is the same as the email the invitation was sent to. The site uses the email addresses to recognise people with specific permissions. If the problem remains, please email detailing the problem.